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If you just have a general question, try our FAQs first, or the Trading page if it's about trading or donating books.

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  1. Browse the shelf photos, taking note of what you’re interested in.
  2. Use the order form to send us your list. We will contact you within a day about availability and prices.
  3. You can pay over the phone, here on our site, or via PayPal. We can’t take cash, checks, or Venmo.
  4. You can pick up 7 days a week from our curbside locker, or we can ship.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we hope that you’ll order from our Bookshop.org shop! Orders placed there are new books that will ship directly to you from our distributor’s warehouse. This lets us offer millions of books that would never fit inside our store. :)

General pricing info

We price based on the original cover price, taking condition flaws, scarcity and demand into account. If you have a store credit on file, you could pay as little as half of our prices.

  • New books are the cover price.
  • Used hardbacks published in the last year or two run around half of the new price ($13-$18).
  • Trade-sized paperbacks run $7.50 to $10.
  • Mass market paperbacks run $4.50 to $5.50.
  • Once a book goes into paperback, we typically price the hardback the same as the paperback.
  • If you only want brand new copies, please let us know. Otherwise, it's not necessary to specify that you prefer a used copy.
  • Feel free to include general requests like “books about ballerinas for a 6yo" or “a new British mystery or two, costing up to $20." We love to make recommendations!
USPS mailing starts at $5 for the first pound, and an additional .60 for each pound thereafter.

We look forward to hearing from you!
— Fred, Emma, Jimmy, Eric & Selena