4553 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116 (map) in the Alaska Junction, two doors north of Easy Street Records.


10-6pm Mon-Sat, 10-5pm on Sundays.

Buying Options

What are your shipping rates?

For books in store, our rates are $5 for the first pound and another .60 for each additional pound.

Gifts, apparel, and other items ordered through this site have their own shipping rates.

Do you deliver?

Now that we're open for stop-in browsing, we no longer offer local delivery, sorry!

What payment types do you take?

Online we can take payments via our online cart
In store we additionally take:
  • cash
  • checks
  • BizX
You can also call us at 206-999-7703 to pay by card over the phone.
We are discouraging the use of PayPal because of recent, dramatic fee increases. And we can't do Venmo, sorry, it's only for person-to-person payments.


Store Credit

How does store credit work?

You get store credit from trading in books with us.
You can use store credit to cover 50% off of used books and 20% off of new books currently in stock. It does not work on non-book items, subscriptions, or orders placed at our Bookshop.org store (since those are processed by Bookshop).

What's my store credit balance?

Use the Contact Form to send us an email and we'll look it up for you. Include the names and alternate names (nickname? maiden name? partner? kid?) we should check, plus phone numbers.

New Books

Do you sell new books?

In the store we have just a few of the most popular titles. For everything else, we encourage you to order from our Bookshop.org store, which helps us out a LOT.

Those books will ship direct to you from the distributor's warehouse, and we get a commission that's actually better for us than selling the books ourselves.

What is Bookshop.org?

Bookshop.org is a not-for-profit, the goal of which is to let indie bookstores compete against You Know Who. We curate a bookstore on their site, they handle customer service, and the books themselves are shipped from Ingram (the distributors we ourselves use). We get 30%+ of the cover price on all books purchased through our affiliate link.

As crazy as it sounds, this is legit.

Here's all the details if you want them.

Can you help me with my Bookshop.org order?

We don't have any access to those orders, but Bookshop has great customer service. Click the contact link on their help page.

Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards?

We do! We have two options. We have paper gift certificates. Alternatively, we can keep the gift certificate on file here under the givee's name.
Please note, gift certificates works on in-store inventory, not the Bookshop.org store or t-shirts, mugs, and other non-book goodies ordered through this website.

Other Common Questions

Do teachers get discounts?

YES! We have a giant, customer-funded store credit account which teachers (and nonprofit volunteers) can use to get 50% off used and 20% new books when used for educational purposes or similar, such as stocking a library. We also offer special order services for teachers.

Can you special order a book for me?

We love it when you buy new books through our Bookshop.org store! For out-of-print titles, we recommend Biblio or Alibris, which are marketplaces for other indie bookstores.

Was your question not answered here? Email us using the contact form!