How the credit works

Store credit applies toward books we have at our brick-and-mortar store. You can use it toward 50% off our price on used books and 20% off our price on new books. You don’t get completely free books. :)

Credit does not work toward non-book items (t-shirts, etc), subscriptions, or books purchased through Also please be aware that we can’t place special orders right now, unless you are a teacher purchasing books for your class; we are limited to the books we have already in the store.

How to trade in

We do want books, but we are overwhelmed and trying to stay safe during an ongoing pandemic. We have had to institute some protocols for taking in books. For our safety and sanity, PLEASE PLEASE READ THE FOUR IMPORTANT THINGS.

Important thing #1: Regardless of quantity or situation, we can only accept books at pre-scheduled no-contact dropoff appointments. The appointments do fill up very fast (sometimes a month in advance), but we can’t make exceptions, sorry! Please, please don’t just leave books, even if they are just “for donation." We have limited staff and space to quarantine books. Even “free" books require work and planning.

Important thing #2: You will get an automated confirmation email within five minutes of scheduling an appointment. If you do not get a confirmation email (check your spam folder of course!) please try again. Make sure you get all the way through to the button that says Schedule Event! If you don’t get a confirmation email, we have no record of your request for an appointment and the time slot will be taken by someone else, possibly quite quickly.

Important thing #3: We can only accept a maximum of five boxes of books (banker-sized boxes) and you must put your books into the boxes we provide. And close the lids all the way! We will be quarantining them for several days before processing. If we have to rearrange the books so the boxes close, that cancels out the point of quarantining. Your appointment is half an hour long so you will have plenty of time to do this.

We would prefer that you have at least one full grocery bag’s worth of books, instead of using an appointment to trade in just a few books.

Important thing #4: We will not be able to return to you any books we can’t sell. We will donate them. If you have any hesitations about that, please save your trade-ins until some future time when we are open to the public.

As long as you are clear on the Four Important Things, the actual dropoff is pretty easy.

  1. At the time of your appointment, come around to the BACK door via the alley.
  2. Put your books into our boxes, which might be under an orange tarp, and close the lids. If it’s raining, put the tarp back over them.
  3. When you have gotten back into your car or left the area, text 206-999-7703, or if you don’t have text, you can call.
  4. After the books are out of quarantine we will email you with the amount we added to your store account.

If that sounds good to you, go ahead and schedule an appointment here.