For Authors

First of all, congratulations on writing a book! That is a huge achievement. Moreover, thanks for your interest in Pegasus! We appreciate your interest in having your work sold at a local, indie bookstore.

Before you submit your book for our consideration, it is important to understand that we evaluate many thousands of new books every year. Our store is relatively small and unfortunately our shelf capacity simply does not allow us to accommodate every book we like. As a rule of thumb, every book we carry is something we think will sell four or more copies a year. If it doesn’t, it gets returned to the publisher, regardless of who the author is.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept books that are not available via Ingram book distributors. If you’re not certain about whether your book is available on Ingram, search our partner’s website here: This search is directly connected to Ingram’s stock availability so it will tell you instantly.

If it is available via Ingram, please fill out this form to bring your book to our attention:

We guarantee that we will read every complete submission form that we receive. However, due to the amount of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone. You will hear from us only if we decide to stock your book or if we have follow-up questions. Please remember that with our small store we must curate our selection carefully to meet the needs of our varied customer base. Should we not respond to your submission, we still appreciate your interest and again congratulations on your book!

Thank you for understanding that our small staff cannot handle phone calls or drop-in visits. You must use the form to submit your book for our consideration. Unsolicited books or manuscripts that are dropped off or mailed to the store will be considered donations and will become the property of Pegasus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for when selecting books?

While we can’t answer questions about specific books, we do have some tips.

  1. Your cover (and interior art, if it’s a kids book) need to be top quality and clearly indicate the genre of the book.
  2. We automatically reject books that are too thin to display a title on the spine—we know from experience that they simply will not sell. Very thick books (over 400 pages) are also less likely to be stocked because of the disproportionate amount of shelf space they take up.
  3. Most importantly, the content must be a good match for our customer base.

I am interested in presenting my book at an event at Pegasus Book Exchange. How do I submit my proposal?

Again, we appreciate your interest in Pegasus Book Exchange! Unfortunately, we are a small team, and our shelves make the store quite cozy. Event hosting is a space and labor-intensive undertaking we are simply not able to accommodate. As such, we are not accepting proposals for author events at this time.