Digital Gift Certificate for our Brick-and-Mortar Store


This is a digital gift certificate (value $5-$200), which works toward the stock in our brick and mortar store in West Seattle. So, it covers:

  • books in stock – including used, new and rare
  • other items we may have in the store such as stickers, totes, or keychains
  • all taxes, shipping charges, and delivery fees

It does not work on anything purchased via our online partner (because they fill those orders) or any orders placed online via our Goodies Shop (because those are also processed differently).

And yes, you can absolutely buy one for yourself! If you shop with us frequently, that’s a great option because it saves you having to give your payment info every time you want to make a purchase. :)

How does it actually work, though?

When you order, we’ll get the name and email of your giftee. We will keep the gift certificate on file under their name, and email them to let them know that it’s here. Then, any time they want to make a purchase, we can look them up in our files and apply the balance to their order. There’s no physical card or certificate – we keep track of everything.

If you don’t know their email address, no worries! Just put your own email into the “email” field and we will send you the gift certificate info, which you can print out, or copy and paste into a private message – however you typically connect with that person. We do still need the recipient’s name, though, because otherwise we won’t have a way to look them up.

We send out the gift certificate info as soon as we get the order and don’t have the ability to delay it to a certain date.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Shevchenko via Unsplash.