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Want a Surprise? Pegasus Book Flights are the Answer!

That’s a “book flight,” like a beer flight, but better for your brain. :D What do you get? A sealed bag containing a stupendous surprise assortment of books! Bags are outrageously underpriced at a flat $20+tax, no discounts apply on these. Use the order form to email us, and don’t forget to include which type of flight you want!

Subject to availability, we offer these types of Book Flights.

For adults (8-12 books each)
– our most general mix – fiction, poetry, and nonfiction
– mystery & suspense
– literature

For kids (7-15 books each)
– picture books
– early readers (coming soon!)
– age 8 to 12

We make these in batches and they are sealed by the time they hit the sales floor. So, if you want more customization beyond the given categories, see below….

Do you trust us and our quirky selection of books? If you want a more customized surprise selection, email us with your tastes, interests, and budget (minimum of $20, which will get you at least two, possibly as many as four books). These orders may take a little longer to fill so please have patience, but we will try to make it worth your time and faith!