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360˚ Interior View Now Up on Google

You can now view a 360˚ interior view of Pegasus on Google Maps!

3 thoughts on “360˚ Interior View Now Up on Google

  1. Once more unto the breach, dear friends! Sorry about the deleted comments; I'm a computer simpleton. Anyway, Pegasus is a great bookstore. I've been buying my books there since 1987. The exchange program is excellent, as is the selection.

  2. It's only about two years old; the 50 cent price was during the yearly West Seattle Summerfest. The dates of the festival this year are July 13, 14 and 15…the books will be $1 each but, as you say, always a bargain. ;)

  3. This is fun! A bit dated (was a beautiful time when the cheap books were really cheap at 50 cents!!). If I bring in a copy of the photo, can I get the price honored? (Kidding-your bargain books are still a bargain)

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